The Benefits Of An Interactive Display

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Shopping Centre Installations

Shopping Centre Installations

The Benefits Of An Interactive Display

People obsess over experiences. They want to see, do and hear. They want entertainment. Flick through any Instagram feed – it consists of people cultivating and sharing experiences. This attitude now extends to all reaches of life. In the modern retail environment, it really doesn’t matter how good your product is. The buyer needs entertainment and engagement in the buying process to actually make the purchase. Interactive displays offer retailers a connection with potential buyers that traditional static displays cannot provide. Here is just a taster of some of their benefits.


Command attention. By their very nature interactive displays are eye-catching. They attract and keep the attention of passing shoppers. Herd them in with curiosity and keep them with engaging features. These include motion-activated lighting, computerised pressure sensors and touch screens. Apart from initially piquing the interest of passing shoppers – these features offer genuine advantages in telling the story of your product. Entertain your customer and it will yield higher sales. Retail business website I Am Omnichannel recently reported that 70% of women and 50% of men view shopping as a form of entertainment. Meanwhile, 70% of customers think that digital signage is entertaining, and 33% of customers who view this type of interactive display make a purchase.


Engaging interactive displays provide an opportunity for a unique interaction with your brand. According to a white paper published by Digital Signage Today, engagement builds customer confidence and brand loyalty. Hands on interaction with a product or display keeps your business at front of mind. A creative display that has that wow factor can be a huge asset. The “share-ability” of a top end experience can cause a ripple of social media coverage that can be leveraged by smart brands for further PR and media attention.


There is nothing worse than trying to avoid eye contact with that hovering salesman on your way through a shopping centre. It is off-putting to potential customers and can actually serve to damage the brand. Interactive displays provide a way to get the same information across to a consumer without being so intrusive. Shoppers find their own way to a display. This gives them ownership over the decision and are so far more likely to explore the display. It is even an opportunity to offer up-selling and cross-selling – usually considered obtrusive when a human employee tries it.

A well designed interactive display can provide a new level of engagement with passers by. Drive your overheads down by freeing up staff and in turn have a solution which can deliver better sales and branding results. If you are looking to upgrade your in store engagement look no further than Visual Inspirations. Our experienced team has a 360 degree approach to developing your display – tailored to your business’ needs. Contact us today.