How a Christmas Display Becomes a Work of Art

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While anyone can put up a Christmas tree and hang some decorations, it takes a true artist to create a memorable, cultural experience.

By combining strategic thinking with creative possibilities, a Christmas display can become an awe-inspiring spectacle that evokes an emotional response and creates a sense of atmosphere.

No matter whether it’s in a commercial, government or retail setting, it can be designed to support the character and heritage of the given location, while also driving key business results.

From increasing foot traffic to boosting sentiment, a festive installation can bring people together and build a sense of community as complete strangers share in the experience of engaging with the display.

Together they’re able to move through the space and immerse themselves in the installation, just as they would walk the halls of a gallery to take in the many paintings, sculptures and works of art.

At Visual Inspirations, we design and build Christmas displays that transform spaces and transcend expectations by applying the following approach.

Conceptualisation & Planning

It’s not simply a matter of putting together an installation that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our team undertakes in-depth research and creative planning to develop unique designs that are backed by a strong rationale.

Every detail is justified, and every element serves a purpose to help communicate a specific narrative, mood or theme.

We take into consideration the vision of our client, the nature of the space as well as the needs of the intended audience to ensure we create a display that excels on every level.

It doesn’t matter if we’re developing a concept for a family focussed shopping centre or a high-end boutique mall, we’re always thinking about the end user and how we can engage and inspire them.  

While it may occupy a space for several weeks, it takes many months throughout the year to effectively plan, design, manufacture, prepare and assemble each display.

Given the level of care, thought and detail that goes into every single creation, each one can be considered a work of art in its own right.

Creative Use of Materials

When you picture an everyday Christmas display, a fir tree adorned with baubles and a large, red Santa chair are likely some of the first images that come to mind.

Our designers like to challenge these traditional Christmas themes by using a diverse variety of colours, textures and materials to create something truly extraordinary.

From lustrous electroplated surfaces and shiny reflections, to raw, organic textures and rich, plush velvet, we find ways to combine and contrast all manner of materials in new and exciting ways.

We experiment with lighting styles in different colours, sizes and layouts to achieve a desired effect, while ensuring we minimise our environmental impact.

Optimal Use of Space

As each of our displays are specially designed to suit each location, we will always find ways to use the space to its full potential.

If there are high or voided ceilings, balconies or balustrades, streetscapes, rooftops or featured entrances, our designers will find a way to incorporate them into the display to create site-specific works of art.

We also consider how people will move through and interact with the location to effectively place each element for maximum impact, without impinging on the flow of foot traffic or the practicality of the space.

Imagination & Creativity

Christmas is such a rich topic filled with history, cultural stories and emotive themes that resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds.

By thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries, our team explores unique ways to bring each space to life with the feeling of Christmas.

Overflowing with imagination and creativity, our creations are designed to make people stop and stare for a moment in time where nothing else exists but the spectacle they see before them.

Just as a work of art can transport someone to another time or place, each of our displays have the power to provide people with a meaningful, memorable experience.

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We can work with you to develop an artistic, bespoke creation that is suited to your space and your needs.

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